Sustainability of black nera laying birds on pig dung meal based diets.

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The study was undertaken on utilization of farm animal organic waste as feeds for livestock and poultry. Increasing feed costs and international concern for the conservation of resources have focused attention on the nutrients in animal wastes that have in the past been used largely as fertilizer or as a major source of fuel for villagers in a number of countries. Animal wastes represent a vast reservoir of cheap nutrients, particularly for ruminants. The limitation in using animal waste as feed is that it needs processing. Dehydration, ensiling, chemical and physical treatments can be used to maintain the nutrient composition and increase the palatability and feeding values of the waste. Animal waste can potentially be used not only to maintain animals in the dry time but also to encourage performance quite satisfactorily. Feeding cattle manure in poultry and pigs promotes meat and egg productivity respectively. Pig waste, when processed and properly balanced with other ingredients, may become a potential feed substitute for cattle at levels up to 30%. No differences in the quality of meat from animals fed waste have been detected, nor has there been a problem of consumer acceptance in animal products.

Keywords: Black Nera Laying Birds, Pig Dung Meal, Diets, Feed Cost, Organic Waste.

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Emmanuel Ahaotu
W Onuoha
G Uwaleke
E. A. Agiang


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