Diversity of Heavy Metals Tolerant and Antifungal Sensitive Fungal Community of River Ganga

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Ganga is the largest river in India and has both religious and economical importance to our country. Ganga water has very important reverence in various religious ceremonies as holy water along it had been used for drinking and irrigation purpose. In developing cites such as Haridwar Ganga start facing water pollution problems but still its water quality was maintain, it was may be due to its microbial community which may have an adorable capability to clean the Ganga river, so in present study we had focused on the isolation of river Ganga Fungal community during different season at four different sites, Haridwar, India. The isolated strains were morphological identified as Aspergillus, Talaromyces, Fusarium, Curvularia, etc. All these strains had showed highest heavy metal tolerance against As, Cu, Fe (200- 1000 mg/L) followed by Cr, Ni, Cd (200-800 mg/L) and least against Hg (200-400 mg/L), along with this these strains are mostly sensitive to different antifungal such as Nystatin, Amphotherecin, Fluconazole and Ketomycin.

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Vani Sharma
Padma Singh


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