Nanotechnology, a Revolutionary Technique in the Food Industry: Systematic Review

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Nanotechnology has a great role in food industry in terms of processing, packaging, preservation and storage. Nanotechnology provides a wide variety of possibilities in food industry applications. Nanotechnology is now leading in the main field of food industry with the development of other technologies. Usage of nanoencapsulation technique to use the bioactive compound for successful delivery. In addition, nanoencapsulation enables the control of flavour release during processing and storage at the desired time and the prevention of flavour degradation. The use of nano biosensors in packaging technique that definitely detects harmful components in food, pathogen identification, changes in food characteristics and food quality. Nonetheless, there is no question that nanotechnology is making a significant contribution to the newly developed advanced technique but safety is also a major concern, when it comes to the use of this technique in food industry, growth and protection should be pushed in parallel to the overall progress of the food industry and consumers.

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Tejas R Suthar
Abhishek B Gavane
Akshay Y Shah
Anupama N Devkatte


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